The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky

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Location: Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles

Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Sir Isaac Newton Debate “Mad Max: Fury Street”

Mark Zuckerberg: (Updating his Fb standing) “Mad Max: Fury Street” is like Fb in its early days—rapid, intense, and you might be no longer slightly certain the place it is going.

Elon Musk: (Tweeting #FuryRoadRocks) If Tesla made apocalypse-proof automobiles, they might appear to be the ones Battle Rigs!

Sir Isaac Newton: (Calculating vectors on parchment) Ah, a very good demonstration of the regulations of movement, particularly the only about each motion having an equivalent and reverse response.

The Pacing of “Mad Max: Fury Street”

Mark Zuckerberg: Discuss high-speed engagement. That film is just about a two-hour automotive chase!

Elon Musk: Exciting, is not it? It is like a SpaceX release however on steroids.

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Sir Isaac Newton: A wonderful symphony of drive and acceleration. However did any person believe the environmental have an effect on?

Discuss with IMDb for extra main points on “Mad Max: Fury Street”

The Characters of “Mad Max: Fury Street”

Mark Zuckerberg: Furiosa is the embodiment of a robust, impartial chief. She’d make a killer COO.

Elon Musk: Max Rockatansky—now that’s a man who is aware of find out how to problem-solve underneath force.

Sir Isaac Newton: Certainly, their resilience and innovation amidst chaos are commendable.

Discover the characters of “Mad Max: Fury Street” on Wikipedia

The Philosophy In the back of “Mad Max: Fury Street”

Mark Zuckerberg: There is something deeply sociological about this film. It is not simply senseless motion.

Elon Musk: Completely. It is like a suppose tank for find out how to live on in a post-apocalyptic international.

Sir Isaac Newton: And an empirical learn about at the results of anarchy.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Verdict on “Mad Max: Fury Street”

“Pace, adrenaline, and a splash of mayhem—that is what you get with ‘Mad Max: Fury Street.’ It is a blazing whirlpool of uncooked feelings and high-octane motion. Believe the web however as a gritty, post-apocalyptic hellscape. This film pulls you in and does not let cross till the very finish.”

Elon Musk’s Opinion on “Mad Max: Fury Street”

“The innovation in vehicular design and effort answers in ‘Mad Max: Fury Street’ is mind-boggling. If that is what the top of the sector looks as if, then I am doubling my efforts to colonize Mars. Additionally, the flamethrowing guitar? Genius!”

Sir Isaac Newton’s Medical Review of “Mad Max: Fury Street”

“‘Mad Max: Fury Street’ is a sensible utility of physics. The automobiles, the chase, the collisions—each and every obeys the regulations of movement. A exceptional visible treatise at the features and barriers of gadgets in movement. Then again, one will have to no longer bargain the moral and environmental concerns.”

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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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The Velocity of Anarchy: A Mad Max Debate Under LA’s Starry Sky
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