Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley

The Most sensible 20 Jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner Drama With Elizabeth Berkley

Hi there there, other people! I am certain you might have heard about Leonardo DiCaprio and his “feminine portions Posse” getting themselves into some deep waters over a dinner invitation long gone bitter. After which there is a $45 million lawsuit that adopted, as a result of, you understand, Hollywood by no means disappoints! Let’s unpack this throughout the common language of jokes, we could?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Solution to Dinner Invites

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio is so used to getting what he needs, he more than likely thinks a “no” is only a “sure” in a distinct accessory.

  2. DiCaprio invited Elizabeth Berkley to dinner with out her boyfriend. A transfer so clean, even Jack Dawson would say, “Guy, no less than I most effective needed to maintain an iceberg.”

  3. Leo’s were given extra plot twists in his love lifestyles than in “Inception.” You wish to have a waft chart to maintain!

The “No, Thank You” That Rocked Hollywood

  1. Elizabeth Berkley mentioned “no” to dinner, and Leo’s posse began appearing like they simply were given snubbed for an Oscar.

  2. They have been so surprised she mentioned no, they are more than likely nonetheless spinning a most sensible to peer if they are dreaming!

  3. Elizabeth Berkley declined dinner, and DiCaprio was once like, “Used to be it one thing I mentioned, or did the sinking send in the end sink my love lifestyles too?”

The $45 Million Buck Aftermath

  1. Leo’s were given slapped with a $45 million lawsuit. That is like, what, one-tenth of a Titanic?

  2. The lawsuit is so top, even the “Wolf of Wall Side road” would say, “Guy, the ones are rookie numbers!”

  3. You already know you are wealthy when a $45 million lawsuit is solely every other Tuesday.

Roger Wilson, The Unsung Hero

  1. Roger Wilson is the unsung hero. Actually, he can not sing anymore.

  2. Roger Wilson mentioned, “The city is your apple.” Little did he know, they might take a chunk that’d depart a mark on his voice field!

  3. If Wilson may just flip again time, he’d more than likely return and set his voicemail to, “Hi there, it is Roger. Elizabeth and I are screening calls. Take a look at once more in every other lifestyles.”

DiCaprio’s Posse within the Sizzling Seat

  1. The posse is like DiCaprio’s real-life entourage, simply with out the Emmy nominations.

  2. “Feminine portions Posse” was once shut. Now they are as far-off as the tip of the “Revenant” felt.

  3. This posse was once so scandalous, even Scorsese is taking notes for his subsequent film!

The Lawsuit Fallout

  1. The lawsuit were given brushed aside sooner than DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriends once they flip 25.

  2. The pass judgement on was once like, “Leo, you could have sunk a boat, however you did not sink this example.”

  3. Now the posse individuals don’t seem to be chatting with Leo, however you understand he is nonetheless were given Oscar conserving him heat at evening.

The Irony of It All

  1. DiCaprio has survived sinking ships, endure assaults, and the mafia. However a dinner invitation? That is the place he meets his fit!

  2. Leo’s on the lookout for new posse individuals. Required abilities? Realizing deal with rejection and complaints.

So, there you might have it! DiCaprio and his posse attempted to woo Elizabeth Berkley, and ended up with complaints as an alternative of affection. It is identical to certainly one of Leo’s motion pictures: difficult, slightly tragic, however you’ll be able to’t glance away!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner With Elizabeth Berkley
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