Gjusta Cafe, Los Angeles

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Scene: Gjusta Cafe, Los Angeles


  • Mark Zuckerberg (MZ)
  • Elon Musk (EM)
  • Harry Cohn (HC)

[Camera zooms into the rustic yet hip Gjusta cafe in LA. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Harry Cohn are sitting at a reclaimed wood table, sipping artisan coffees.]

MZ: “The Darkish Knight” is a triumph in fashionable storytelling. Batman is sort of a rogue set of rules fighting the malfunctions of Gotham’s gadget.

EM: You might be proper, Mark. If Gotham had been Mars, Batman will be the final rover, exploring unknown territories and going through off towards opposed components.

HC: Adverse components? My studio days had been full of them. However Batman is one thing else. He is like a blockbuster movie that has each substance and magnificence.

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MZ: Christian Bale’s efficiency is transformative, just like how we reworked the best way other folks have interaction on social media. Bruce Wayne and Batman are two facets of the similar coin.

EM: If Bruce Wayne had a SpaceX rocket, he may just achieve this a lot more. Consider Batman on Mars, now that might be a sequel price making.

HC: Fellas, Batman does not want rockets; he wishes a excellent script and an excellent director. You have to hand it to Christopher Nolan. The person is aware of tips on how to placed on a display.

MZ: The Joker is an epitome of chaos idea. His each and every motion creates ripples, like a computer virus disrupting a whole community.

EM: Precisely, if the Joker had been a Tesla automotive, he’d be in self-destruct mode—extremely unpredictable however methodically engineered to create chaos.

HC: Chaos? I have handled my justifiable share within the movie business, however the Joker is a strolling firework. You by no means know when or the place he will explode.

MZ: The duality of guy is what makes the movie interesting. All of us have our private and non-private personas, similar to Fb profiles and actual lives.

EM: And like every excellent tech challenge, Batman must scale. If he desires to avoid wasting Gotham, he will need to imagine franchising, perhaps upload a couple of extra Batmans, or is it Batmen?

HC: Franchising is a technique, however Batman’s essence is his specialty. Consider if there have been ten of me operating Columbia Footage; it would be chaos, and no longer the great sort.

MZ: You may have some extent, Harry. However have a look at Fb and Instagram. Other platforms, an identical underlying undertaking—connectivity.

EM: Similar is going for SpaceX and Tesla. Other terrains however the similar force—innovation.

HC: Smartly, you’ll’t argue with good fortune. Batman, Fb, SpaceX—all have turn out to be cultural landmarks in their very own proper.

MZ: And you’ll’t forget about the have an effect on of ‘The Darkish Knight’ on pop culture. Simply learn its IMDb web page and you can see what I imply.

EM: Needless to say, it even made it into the cultural historical past books, or will have to I say Wikipedia.

HC: It is an epochal movie, just like what we had aimed for within the early years of Columbia Footage. Anyone who is any one has observed it or no less than learn a hilarious takedown on ActuallyAwful.

[They raise their cups of artisanal coffee.]

MZ, EM, HC: To groundbreaking ventures and unforgettable characters.

The Darkish Knight, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Harry Cohn, Christian Bale, IMDb, Wikipedia, ActuallyAwful.

Mark Zuckerberg: “After I first watched ‘The Darkish Knight,’ I right away noticed the complexities of managing a twin id, one thing no longer unfamiliar to me within the realm of social networking. Bruce Wayne lives two lives: one as a trade magnate and the opposite as a caped crusader. It is a superbly spun narrative that highlights the duality of human lifestyles. Similar to how you can painting other facets of themselves on quite a lot of social media platforms. Nolan’s execution of personality arcs is similar to a well-implemented code—the whole lot serves a serve as, and not anything is superfluous. If I may just ‘Like’ this film 1000 occasions, I might.”

Elon Musk: “I am excited about the generation showcased in ‘The Darkish Knight.’ From the ultra-sophisticated Bat-suit to the Tumbler, it is a sneak peek into the way forward for tech innovation. Christian Bale’s Batman is sort of a SpaceX rocket—state-of-the-art, flexible, and extremely efficient. The Joker serves because the chaotic variable, the type of unpredictability that one may just equate with exploring the unknown landscapes of Mars. A lesson from the film that resonates with me is that innovation frequently comes with dangers, and the way one mitigates the ones dangers defines their good fortune. A must-watch for any individual who loves generation and the demanding situations that include pushing the bounds.”

Harry Cohn: “Film-making is all about developing an emotional have an effect on, and ‘The Darkish Knight’ delivers it in spades. I have been within the trade lengthy sufficient to understand a movie that may generate a spectrum of feelings—from awe to concern to contemplation. The characters are better than existence however rooted in realism, the type of other folks you’ll imagine may just exist in some twisted model of our personal global. The film, like every nice Columbia Footage manufacturing, understands the price of top-notch writing, very good casting, and directorial imaginative and prescient. If this movie have been pitched in my time, I might have greenlit it at the spot.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “For a deeper dive into the nuances of ‘The Darkish Knight,’ its IMDb profile is a treasure trove of knowledge.”

Elon Musk: “If you are as engrossed within the tech aspect of Batman’s global as I’m, you can to find its Wikipedia web page a worthy learn.”

Harry Cohn: “For a contrarian view that also cannot deny the movie’s have an effect on, check out this critique on ActuallyAwful.”

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