Café Gratitude, Hollywood

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Scene: Café Gratitude, Hollywood


  • Mark Zuckerberg (MZ)
  • Elon Musk (EM)
  • Irving Thalberg (IT)

[The camera zooms in on Café Gratitude, where Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Irving Thalberg are seated at a corner table with organic coffees in front of them.]

MZ: I will have to say, “Long past with the Wind” is just like the set of rules of affection and melancholy. It is like coding your means via a Civil Warfare of feelings.

EM: If “Long past with the Wind” is an set of rules, then Scarlett O’Hara is the Martian soil the place a wide variety of intricate plots can develop. Difficult however filled with chances.

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IT: Ah, Scarlett! Now there is a girl who knew the way to be the big name of her personal drama. In my time at MGM, we all the time sought characters who may grasp the target audience’s consideration and not let move.

MZ: Completely, Irving. Vivien Leigh’s Scarlett is what makes “Long past with the Wind” a vintage. It is like opening Fb and discovering that one tale that makes you prevent scrolling.

EM: And Rhett Butler is just like the SpaceX Falcon Heavy—spectacular, robust, and leaves a mark anyplace he is going.

IT: Ha! I see what you imply. He is the fellow you’ll need at the marquee for a blockbuster movie. Neatly, in reality, he used to be at the marquee, and the movie used to be a blockbuster.

MZ: And it is so becoming that this dialog is happening at Café Gratitude. The movie, like this position, is all about layers of advanced reviews, or must I say, advanced espresso flavors.

EM: There may be a complete on-line discourse in regards to the movie, and no longer all of it’s certain. Many say it hasn’t elderly nicely, particularly its portrayal of the Civil Warfare South. However you’ll’t deny its affect, very similar to how Tesla’s first electrical vehicles shook up the automobile global.

IT: You each have some degree. Each and every movie is a fabricated from its time, however the nice ones stay a part of the cultural dialog. Identical to this cafe, it gifts a undeniable thought of existence that resonates or conflicts with our provide perspectives.

MZ: So true. It is like while you have a look at the knowledge for a trending subject on Fb. It provides you with a snapshot of what folks care about at that second, and “Long past with the Wind” unquestionably did that for its time.

EM: Hm. If Scarlett O’Hara had had get admission to to a Neuralink, she would were unstoppable. Studying minds? Predicting societal shifts? She’d dominate no longer simply the plantation however perhaps even the universe.

IT: And if she have been in one in all my MGM productions, she would were a sensation even past what she already used to be. However you might be proper—consider the unending narratives lets create with nowadays’s era.

MZ: That is the energy of innovation, whether or not it is in movie or social networking platforms. You create one thing that defines an technology.

EM: Precisely. Innovate or develop into a relic. That is the essence of each era and storytelling.

IT: And regardless of the medium, you want a compelling protagonist, whether or not it is a Southern belle or a billionaire tech multi-millionaire.

[They all lift their cups of artisanal coffee]

MZ, EM, IT: To driving protagonists and the tales they inform.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Evaluate on “Long past with the Wind”

Fb’s algorithms are designed to seize person pastime, simply as Scarlett O’Hara captures everybody’s consideration from her first look on display. Vivien Leigh’s efficiency is similar to a well-curated Information Feed, a mixture of the enticing, the dramatic, and the deeply private. If “Long past with the Wind” had been launched nowadays, its viral coefficient can be throughout the roof, particularly when Scarlett says, “I will by no means be hungry once more.” That is a standing replace for the ages.

Elon Musk’s Tackle “Long past with the Wind”

Consider launching a Tesla Roadster into house and becoming it with an enormous LED display enjoying “Long past with the Wind.” Now that is the way you pay homage to a vintage! The film is similar to a SpaceX release: dramatic, formidable, and filled with ups and downs. Scarlett O’Hara is the Falcon Heavy of characters—spectacular, robust, and unforgettable. Rhett Butler, then again, is just like the Dragon Pill—useful, crucial however no longer as flashy. Each crucial parts to a compelling saga that reaches for the celebs.

Irving Thalberg’s Standpoint on “Long past with the Wind”

This movie is the epitome of what we within the Golden Age of Hollywood strived for: glamour, drama, and characters that might develop into larger-than-life figures in American tradition. Scarlett O’Hara isn’t just a girl; she’s an revel in. She embodies the similar more or less stardom we aimed for in MGM’s heyday. If I have been round to peer this movie made, it will were the jewel in any studio’s crown. It is a manufacturing that displays an technology, captures the creativeness, and lingers within the collective awareness lengthy after its liberate.

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Café Gratitude, Hollywood
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Café Gratitude, Hollywood
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Café Gratitude, Hollywood
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Café Gratitude, Hollywood
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